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The last month or so, in pictures

I really ought to write in this thing more often, so that when I'm old and lonely I can look back on these heady days. I am so busy all the time! It's wonderful.

Last Saturday there was a going away party for James at the Manse. He's moving to California. He'll be back. They always come back.

The evening before, I attended the Flashpoint Prom. Sean was my date. The corsage he presented me with had a pair of dice in it, so that we matched. It was awesome. I had a really great time, and drank a lot of wine, and met a bunch of people. It was weird because there were all these cats wandering around in dresses and tuxes, and I kept thinking I knew them, but I didn't, I had just seen them in plays over the past year.

Here's PJ (later crowned Prom King) and my date:

The weekend before that, I attended Kelly's bridal shower. It was really lovely, and the crab cakes were DELICIOUS, and I got to see some ladies I hadn't seen in a while. Rachel is pregnant and looks beautiful. I guess I always say that. I met Erica's new daughter Zoe. At one point Erica and I were talking, and Zoe decided to babybarf on mom's chest. Erica thrust the baby at me and went to the ladies room to clean up. Now, I have no problem with babies on an individual basis, but apparently it looks unnatural or something, because Michelle turned around and said "you're holding a baby! I'm taking a picture," and a little later Rachel turned around and said "you're holding a baby! I'm taking a picture." JEEZ you guys.

The Wednesday before that, I went to see Spamalot. My parents gave me tickets for my birthday way back in February, and I took Mitch with me. We drove up to the city. We waited an hour at the Lincoln Tunnel, but parking was only $12 (!) and getting home was so easy, so yay for cars with air conditioning. On Meister's recommendation we went to the Eatery, and man was it good. I had the tuna tartare as an appemetizer, and the chipotle meatloaf, and a couple of mojitos (I'd never had one before!) Mitch had the szechwan steak. Our server was realllly cute. And we were out of there in plenty of time to make the show. Which was great! No Hank Azaria, unfortunately (boo!) but Tim Curry was great, and David Hyde Pierce needs to work on his cockney accent, and it was a fabulous show. There was a lot of new stuff in it, which was good, because MAN do I know that movie! Despite not having seen it in years. It made me want to go home and watch it, but I didn't, I went home and fell asleep.

The weekend before that was Sean's birthday party, but I got there after it was over (because I am a dummy, and also sleepy) and didn't take any pictures. We did play Egyptian Ratscrew, though, with Artie and Sabiha. And that was when I asked Sean to the prom, so you know, banner evening all around.

The weekend before that was Kim and Keith's wedding. It was beautiful. Kim looked amazing, the bridesmaids were beautiful, Keith was as adorable as ever, the food was great. Oh man, I totally embarrassed myself, though. The cocktail session was in a wine cellar, so I had a glass of wine in one hand, and a plate of delicious appetizers (including caviar! I don't think I've ever had caviar, but my grandpa had been raving about it the last time I saw him, for some reason), that I had managed to score after many excruciating minutes of maneuvering through the crowd, in the other. I was hungry. "Do you think I can balance this atop my wine glass?" I asked Jeff. "No," he said. "That is a bad idea," he continued. "I recommend against it," he cautioned. I tried anyway, and the plate fell to the concrete floor and shattered and all my appetizers were gone and everyone looked at me. Oh well.

Oh man, also the priest was the most entertaining wedding-er I've ever seen. Remind me to do an impression of him next time we hang out.

The day before the wedding was the Memorial Day BBQ at the Manse, and I had a great time at that, too.

The weekend before that was my brother's graduation. I'm very proud of him! And he got an BFA, isn't that exciting? I got a BS and he got a BFA because we are just so very, very interesting, and BAs are not good enough for us. Actually he had no idea what he was getting until we told him.

Here is a picture of Sean looking off into his future as a college gagaua graduate:

The Wednesday before that we went to see Star Wars, but I already told you about that. You guys, they never even took our tickets! I still have mine, unripped! Jeez.

The weekend before that was Kim's Bachelorette Party, and that's the last time we sat down and had a nice talk like this, so you're all caught up now. Here are a couple photos:

This weekend (today after work, actually) we're going to Gaian Mind and I'm excited. I figure it's sort of like Bonnaroo Lite. We'll be camping! And staying up late! And drinking! And smoking weed outside!! (My favorite thing ever!) I bought a new hat. And it'll be my first >105mile trip for my car! Baby's all growed up.

Have a good weekend, everybody! If this post is too long and you want me to cut it, just let me know, my feelings won't be hurt.
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