Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Everybody dies

If I were to start an Unofficial They Might Be Giants website, I would snag I am a genius.

I will not, however, start an Unofficial They Might Be Giants website. Firstly, because I know very little about computers. How they work and whatnot, I mean. Secondly, I don't need all the dorks in the universe trying to talk to me and send me shit. Because 98% of They fans are losers.

Now, I know none of you readers who are also They fans (and that's quite a few of you) are offended by my statements. Because you know them to be true. You also believe yourself to be part of that other 2%. Because while almost all weirdos are They Might Be Giants fans, not all They Might Be Giants fans are dorks. I would even go so far as to say that most interesting intelligent people with a sense of humor who are worth my time like They Might Be Giants. Liking They Might Be Giants is not necessarily going to score you any points with me; but not liking them leaves me somewhat suspicious.

The best thing about going to a They Might Be Giants concert -- no, wait. The best thing about being at a They Might Be Giants concert is the concert. The second-best thing -- and also the worst thing at the same time simultaneously -- is the knowledge that you -- or I, in this case -- that I (and my companion(s)) am the coolest person in the room. Except for maybe Dan Miller. This is not a boast, this is fact. Is there anyone out there who disagrees with me? Of course not.

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