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I started writing this entry last Thursday, December 15th. Then work came up and I couldn't finish it. So, um, here it is.

Man, I was in a PHENOMAL mood on Tuesday and then a really really great mood yesterday and then last night it all fell apart and cried a little bit but then today is back to being pretty all right again.

I had sushi for lunch today. I AM FULL OF RAW FISH and it feels so good. I keep burping scallions, though, I don't care for scallions.

Last Friday Jeff came over to see the condo, and then we had dinner at the Tuscan Tavern, and then we went back to the Manse and hung out with Vince and Dave and Chris for a while (and they all said comforting things to me, which was nice) and then I fell asleep in Jeff's recliner. I awoke at 7am to Dawn of the Dead on the big screen and that is the second time this year that I was awokened by that movie at the Manse. However, this past weekend it was the original, blue slow-moving zombie version, and the first time, it was the opening scene of the new, bloody yelling screaming running running running banging on the door banging on the window OH GOD SO MUCH BLOOD screaming yelling Ving Rhames version. That, let me tell you, was not that awesome. To illustrate, let me make an ordered (and incomplete) list of Things I Really Do Not Like:

Things I Really Do Not Like (ordered and incomplete)

  1. Being woken up

    • being woken up abruptly

  2. Scary movies

    • scary movies with fast zombies

As you can see, being awokenened by a scary zombie movie is not my idea of a good time. After I recovered from that first instance (when the chick finally got on the road, and the camera panned up to general destruction, and the credits began) I exeunted, went home, and had nightmares about zombies. THANKS GUYS. This most recent time wasn't nearly as bad, though, because the zombies were very slow and stupid and it wasn't actually all that scary.

On Saturday, Michelle and I got up reasonably early and went to Ikea. Oh but first she gave me a housewarming/Christmas gift! It is awesome. Then we headed out to Ikea and had delicious meatball lunch for five bucks and bought furniture. That evening was my company party, and I had a great time. I really, really like the people I work with, even MORE when I am drinking. When the party was over, I headed to 508 for ANOTHER Christmas party, and man, that was the bomb shit as well. There was mistletoe and egg nog and I don't know, it was just the perfect party. Just the right number of people; not too many that you were avoiding conversations, not so few that it didn't feel festive. And the right kind of people. And the right amount of drunk. It was just a really great night. Christmas is great, and my friends are great. Everybody's great.

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