Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

I have so many things I should be writing about -- like my birthday, and my birthday/housewarming party, both of which were spectacular; and about how I stabbed myself in the leg with a utility knife, which was not so spectacular but rather a little exciting.

But I don't have time to do the subjects justice right now, so I'll just have to hope I get back to them eventually.

I will, however, post the following picture of a Bog Turtle. Bog Turtles are protected by the NJDEP, and I had to write a letter today saying that the project on which I'm working doesn't interfere with any Bog Turtle habitats. I decided to look the fella up to see what he looks like. HE IS A CUTIE.

Tags: cute animals, work

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    Today is Thursday. Settlement on the sale of our house is Tuesday. I took the dog for a walk today, and I started to get a little emotional.

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