Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Here is a description of the dream I had this morning! Feel free to stop reading now.

Okay, so I was on the final episode of Project Runway. There were five of us left: me, Kara, Santino, Daniel V, and maybe Emmett? Or Chloe, who knows. We each had five designs to present. Mine were terrible. I had this houndstooth number that wasn't put together right. Kara told me that the judges would rip me apart because the pattern was (or wasn't, I forget) at 90 degrees, and I was like, yeah, I know. One of my skirts had a Zulema-like problem, and I needed to make it longer; another, which apparently I was going to model, was just a -- you know those monkeys, the toy ones, with the long arms and the velcro on the hands? It was a toy like that, but of Animal. And I wrapped his arms around my waist and fastened the hands at my back and looked down and said "this is not going to work."

I was in the process of quickly sewing a skirt for this last "piece" -- and I had to run up and down this spiral staircase to get to my personal workroom, which doesn't seem fair -- when I learned that Edward Herrmann had died. I was a mess. I kept crying. AND he was going to be one of my models! It was awful.

Right before I woke up, though, it occurred to me that, sure, my collection was awful and unfinished and I wasn't going to get done in time for the runway show -- but hello, I'm an engineer! I have absolutely no prior design experience! The extent of my sewing experience is the halloween costume I sewed two Halloweens ago! I think it's pretty great that I made it to the final episode at all. Go me.

I just realized that I had a Project Runway dream, but I didn't even get two seconds of a Tim Gunn appearance. Ripoff!
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