Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Maaaaan what is up my friends! Holy shit! I am in a fantastic mood! Since I've gotten back, Bruce has been stomping around and such but he ain't gonna get me down today! No way no how!

I was out in the field today! TODAY! It is seventy freaking degrees out there! Maybe more! We dug four test pits and they all turned out OH-KAY, which is a relief because I had already designed the basin, so if they didn't work, it would have been a major headache. And I had company -- usually it's just me and the backhoe operator, but today the backhoe operator was the property owner's dad, so it was me, the property owner, his dad, and this dude from the township engineer's office. His name was Jeff and he was about my age and he was totally cool! He was there to observe, and he wasn't picky or a hardass or anything, we agreed on everything. It was great. He was nice and chatty and cool. Oh man and there was a guinea hen! When we pulled up to the house there was this freaking bird, walking around and looking at us and squawking a bit. At first I thought she was a peahen, because dude is rich so I jumped to conclusions, like, "man, rich people, buying peacocks and peahens!" But apparently she or he was a guinea hen. And she was all right, talking a bit whilst we where there, but whenever a car drove up or down the driveway, she totally freaked out! She SCREAMED! "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she said. She cracked my shit up.

Then I got to stop by this fancy-pants private school in Moorestown, to get a form signed by my client (whom I love). The school was beautiful, it looked like a freaking college campus. And then I went back to the site to take pictures of wetlands areas. It is so nice out, you guys. I can't even stand it. There is a PSE&G easement running through the property, great big utility towers that march across the land. I stood at the bottom of one and looked up, and the clouds moving behind it made me thing for a moment that it was leaning down toward me, falling at me. It made me dizzy. It was awesome.

I have pictures! But no way to upload them here! You will have to wait.

Today is a great day! We're all going to go out for lunch, to celebrate Big Al's last day! He's going to walk the Appalachain trail from bottom to top! Good for him!
LIFE IS GOOD. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
Tags: life is good, recap, work

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