Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

She or he is seriously so beautiful.

So, yay! I have my scooter!

Many thanks to Kevin and Vince for accompanying me to the scooter shop, and tying down the scooter in Vince's truck, and also watching me ride back and forth on the road behind the shop for a while. Also Larry, the guy at Haddonfield Scooters, was super awesome and friendly and helpful. Kevin gets extra thanks for being around for much of the purchasing process, as well as lending me some gear until I get my own.

I scooted around the roads behind the Manse for a while, and just now I drove it home from there. Dave and Hal followed behind me for safety. It's a ridiculously easy ride, though, which is nice. Though on the way back I'll have to make a left . . .

It's definitely going to take me a little while to get used to going fast (I think I'm speeding along, and then I look down and I'm going, like, twenty-five). But I'm not worried, I just have to get comfortable. It'll come.

The turn signals sound like a truck backing up. But I'm going to leave them loud for now, because I totally forget to turn them off again after the turn.

I AM SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED YOU GUYS. Seriously. Maybe later I'll post the video that Vince took of my first ride. You can pretend to ignore the part where I let it stall.

Oh and I popped a couple of wheelies! Gave it too much throttle. I totally kept my cool though, because I am a cool dude. Soon I'll be doing that shit on purpose.

I already bought an LED light for the valve cap on the front tire.
Tags: life is good, scooters

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