Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

First of all, happy birthday, prettykate! You're one of those kids I can see twice a year and still have an amazing, FUN and exciting evening as though we'd never been apart, and as though we'd hung out more than, say, a dozen times in our lives. You are freaking great and I'm glad that you're so happy and I'm also glad that you make so many other cats in your life happy. Have a wonderful day, kiddo.

In Henry news: thank you for all your well wishes, everyone. Unfortunately, he was not waiting for me when I got home. I did a round of my entire development (which is pretty darn cute in some places, by the way), calling his name and asking where he was, buddy, and making kissing noises and shaking a fake mouse (it rattles, I'm not so crazy as to shake a silent fake mouse.) He did not come running to me, no matter how clearly I pictured it in my head. Bounding, I envision him bounding.

I did see a lot of cats, though. I also found this place where there were SIX of them hanging out in the shade, staring at me balefully. I asked them if they had seen a large orange and white cat, but all I got in response were blank stares. It was frustrating, actually -- all these cats, surely ONE of them had seen Henry! But they couldn't tell me about it.

They were all, if I do say so myself, embarrassingly small. Half the size of my monster. So although I'm worried about him getting run over, I'm not worried about him holding his own against other felines. He's got some fight in him sometimes, when he's cornered.

I was going to write an entry about what a mess I am, and about how I keep expecting him to follow me into the bathroom, or jump up onto the bed, or try to get out when I open the front door. How I keep forgetting. BUT as of ten minutes ago, I am in better spirits. A woman called (I posted a bunch of signs yesterday) and she said that her grandson (a kid, as I understand it) has seen a cat fitting the description in the woods behind the apartments near my development. That's close enough to my house to be feasible, but it's not an area I kissed at last night. Now, a cat is a cat, and all orange and white cats look the same, but still. I'm hopeful. And at least someone called!

There's no use in despairing that I'll never see him again, so I may as well not do that, right?

It's just so weird. I've lived with him for six years, you know? I've spent a week away from him on several occasions, but he's never been away from me and my house for -- well, ever. It's so quiet and lonely in there. Well, quiet except for all the little noises that my condo still makes, that I always assumed were him. It was hard to get to sleep last night.

But seriously, I have hope! I'm going to swing by the animal shelter on the way home, and then I'm going to go look in those woods and surrounding areas, and maybe I will find my cat.

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