Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Every 97th ICQ chat request, I decide to humour them

Helloooooo long boring IM conversation that you don't really want to read.

It is posted because of the almost-to-last thing this guy said. I don't know if he did it on purpose, but it's right up Manning and Jon's alleys. I probably didn't have to post the whole conversation, but I'm under the impression that almost everything I say is interesting to most people. So without further ado, I bring you:


*I'm assuming; he is looking for random ICQ chat, after all.

84667412: hi
Consuela: hello
Consuela: you live in britain?
Darren: yes that's right. where are you from?
Consuela: new jersey
Consuela: it's right near new york
Consuela: where do you live?
Darren: I have been there on holiday. :)
Consuela: i have been THERE on holiday
Consuela: actually, i spent a term at reading u
Darren: I live in Wilstshire.... about 90miles from London
Darren: Wow. Reading is real near me! :)
Darren: So what did you study?
Consuela: engineering
Darren: Cool!
Darren: May I ask what you look like?
Darren: still there?
Consuela: yeah, sorry, i am doing other things, you know
Consuela: ah . . 5'8"
Consuela: i don't know what that is in metres.
Consuela: 125 lbs
Consuela: i don't know what that is in kgs
Consuela: blue eyes
Darren: Hahaha. that's ok :)
Consuela: i'm pretty sure that's the same thing
Consuela: red hair
Darren: I have long brown hair, deep blue eyes, 5'4" and about 10stone
Consuela: i'm sorry, i have to go get my laundry and then get ready to watch the NBA finals
Darren: Ooh ok ;(
Consuela: say "go sixers!" for me
Consuela: c'mon! it'll give them luck to have an english fan!
Darren: Good luck........!!!!!! "who is playing?"
Consuela: the l.a. lakers and the philadelphia 76ers
Consuela: the 76ers are the good guys, and the lakers are the bad guys
Consuela: they're all flashy and famous and from la
Consuela: but the sixers have HEART!
Darren: Good luck 79ers!!!11
Consuela: kay, maybe i'll talk to you later
Consuela: (close enough)
Darren: hehehe ok :)

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