Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

I haven't written a proper post in a long while, and I will do that soon (maybe) but first:

Project Runway fans: you're listening to the Tim's Take podcasts this year, right? They are even WAY BETTER than last year. They average thirty minutes long, and he doesn't like Angela, and he HATES Vincent. HATES. It is awesome.

But today you should watch a video. Go here, click on Videos (not "Video Mashup"), and then go to Project Runway>Season 3>Bonus Footage, and then watch the second-to-last video, called Jeffreycam. Ulli is funny, but Michael is hilarious. God I want to marry that man.

I really really hope it's Laura, Kayne, Ulli, and Michael at Fashion Week. And Laura, Uli, and Michael in the final three. I wouldn't be surprised if Vincent made it to the final four, though, just like Wendy Pepper and Kara Janx before him.
Tags: project runway, teevee

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