Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips


  • I rode my scooter to work yesterday, and today. It's sort of cold when I ride -- that is, around 8:30 am and 6/7pm -- but it's so nice and warm during the day! I think I could totally ride my scooter all year long, if I just got a few pieces of cold-weather gear (winter riding gloves, a chin/face protector, fleece-lined jeans, and the zipper on my riding jacket fixed), but the question remains, would it still be fun? I love my scooter but I hates being cold.

    I got a flat on the ride in this morning! Luckily I made it to the office safely; I didn't notice it until I was turning into the parking lot, in fact. I fixed it during lunch in twenty-five minutes! I felt very proud of myself. I got greasy!

  • I really have to update my resume, for SERIOUS.

  • I am loving this season of Gilmore Girls. The writing is SO realistic. There are still little things here and there I would do differently, but overall, I think it's excellent. Characters are acting like people in LIFE, not like people in a teevee show, who act ridiculous just to set up dramatic situations. Suck it, Palladinos. Sorry.

Tags: gilmore girls, scooters, teevee, work

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