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I don't have time to dig up my Christmas-themed LiveJournal icons this year

I took a half day today (the second half; I'm at work now) because I needed to drop Edward off this morning; he's getting his tiny kitten balls removed. I brought him in to the shelter. This is the third time he's been in our cat carrier -- the first two times were trips to the vet's, and he hated it. He is TERRIFIED in that thing. He goes into a corner and tries to make himself as small as possible. He sticks his head in the corner, thinking, presumably, that if he can't see us, we can't see him and do something scary to him. It is heartbreaking. Today I think he may even have been shaking. This is the kitten who routinely chases, hunts, and pounces upon a feline behemouth four times his size. I hate it. (His terror, I mean, I hate his terror, not the hunting, the hunting and chasing and pouncing and wrestling is highly entertaining.) Today I had to sign a paper that said it was okay if something terrible happened to him while he was in surgery, and then I patted the carrier and walked out, and though I had been really quite blase' about the whole deal up until this morning ("enjoy licking those puppies while you still can, buddy, they're coming off tomorrow!"), on my walk back to the car I started crying. My poor little baby is SO SCARED! It's not the neutering itself that made me upset, it's how scared he's going to be before and after. I'm okay now, of course, but I can't wait to pick him up this evening and be safe and familiar to him.

After I dropped Edward off, I went home to take a shower and get dressed properly. Henry was complaining, and though it was probably because I put out only adult-cat food (he prefers the kitten food, which will only make him FATTER, and I'm pretty sure Edward eats mostly the adult-cat food, because cats were invented to DRIVE PEOPLE CRAZY,) I pretended it was because he missed his little brother.

Then I went to Deptford, and you guys, I'm pretty sure that all my Christmas shopping is done. This has never ever happened to me before. I'm waiting on a few things in the mail, but not much. I have a few things to put together still, and I wish I had gotten my brother more, but still -- no more shopping! This is truly amazing.

I will probably get a Christmas tree this weekend.

Peter Boyle died. The various obituaries first reference Everybody Loves Raymond and Young Frankenstein, but to me he'll always be the guy from a funny and heartbreaking episode of The X Files. (I think it was funny. Wasn't that the one with pies?) (Everyone did their best work on that show. Like Luke Wilson. And Alex Trebek. And Jesse Ventura, and Charles Nelson Reilly.) I've always thought of Peter Boyle very fondly because of that episode.
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