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More cat talk. You've been warned.

Edward is home! He was groggy and his walk was a bit bow-legged -- and his balsac is shaved, which is weird and funny -- but he's okay. Last night he kept losing his balance, it was pretty entertaining. He couldn't walk on narrow things (like the arm of the sofa) that he normally could without losing his balance, and sometimes he couldn't manage to jump up onto things from awkward positions. Also one time he was on the piled-up afghan on the couch and he rolled off of that and then kept on rolling right onto the floor. It was great.

Henry wasn't happy to see him, and he kept hissing every time Edward got near him, even though the little guy wasn't jumping on him (he apparently didn't have the energy). I eventually determined that this is because Henry's sick. I was going to tell you how I know, but it's gross, so let me assure you that my big guy apparently has some sort of urinary infection. He isn't crying when he's in the litterbox, so hopefully it's not as bad as the one I had that one time. I'm taking him to the vet this afternoon. Boo for using up another half-day of personal time, but hopefully I'll do something productive at home afterwards. Oh, I hope my big guy is okay. It's quite possible this thing was brought on by the stress of having Edward around, which makes me feel doubly awful. Hopefully I'll just get some antibiotics and he'll be fine again. I really do love that guy a whole lot. (Also hopefully it's not too expensive; Mom's almost unemployed!)



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Dec. 15th, 2006 03:17 pm (UTC)
hey, its kevin nocoins, I am not logged in at work.
when I lived with Mickie, Gary got crystals in his urine which made it hard for him to pee. He would cry in the litterbox and not be able to go. the vet gave me some pills for him and said it was definitly brought out by stress and I should give him some extra attention. I blame that vet for Gary's obesity! Anyway, he was fine after giving him the pills and teaching him relaxation techniques such as positive visualization (a big ungaurded chicken leg) and progressive muscle relaxation. GOODLUCK HENRY!
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