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Jamaican me crazy! Bad-um-bum!

Hello everyone!

I am at my new job! I sort of have nothing to do for the next twenty minutes so I'm updating.

Last week I went to Jamaica for the wedding of the one and only Michelle to the irrepressible Teege. We were in Ochos Rios, at the Riu resort. I'd never done the blue-ocean thing before (the farthest south I've ever been is South Padre Island in Texas), and I've never done the all-inclusive thing before. I think the whole world should be all-inclusive. Picking up a drink (or two) for the road every time I wanted to walk someplace that was more than 200 feet away was the shizznit.

I didn't burn! I had done the tanning salon thing (gasp!) for a month and a half beforehand, and I was careful whilst I was there, and I only got a little pink on my shoulders, which faded after a day. I don't think I can make you understand how amazing that is. I do not tan, man, I just don't do it. I didn't think I could do it. But it turns out I can! And I like it when my legs are not translucent! I still don't trust the sun, though. I like the sciencey nature of going into a booth and knowing exactly how long I have to spend in there, and exactly what that'll do to me. The sun is unscientific and it frightens me.

The vacation was very leisurely, and the then the ceremony was casual yet beautiful (just like Michelle.)

(click for more pics plz thx)

Congratulations, Michelle and Teege! I love you both so much, and I am so so happy to see you married. You appreciate each other, and that sounds so trite unless you know them both, and know how insane and wonderful they both are. Congratulations, guys.
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