Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips


So I went to see the Dave Matthews Band last night. It was a pretty good show. Traffic was crazy. Beer prices were crazy. Wish they had played more old stuff, but I knew that was going to happen anyway. I had been studying all weekend by listening to the new album, though, so that I wouldn't not enjoy the new stuff.

We smoked two joints. The first one, a girl asked for a hit, and a guy asked if we were selling any. The second one, a different girl (possibly older than I) asked if we had "a half a joint" to sell. I said no, so she asked for a hit for herself and her boy.

Memo to Myself: To earn extra cash, bring lots of pre-rolled joints to hippie concerts at outdoor venues and sell at $10 a pop. The older crowd -- who used to smoke when they were younger, and are trying desperately to remain hip -- won't blink at the inflated price. Neither will the skittish, who were too ascared to try to smuggle some in themselves (easy). Ooh: and trow in a genuine "Happy" lighter for an extra $1. Touch the puppet head.

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