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Jan. 30th, 2008

Damn, yo. Now Edwards is dropping out too? I don't enough about his platform to vote for him, but that little quizzy thing had him ranked above Obama and Clinton for me, so I was going to check him out before New Jersey's primary next Tuesday, since Kucinich bowed out already. Balls. Oh well. I hate not having choices. I guess my vote will actually matter for once, though, maybe. That might be neat. Oh man, thank god Guiliani is out! I am so happy. EFF that dude.

Today I'm wearing my Juno underwear! You know, the pale blue with red and white cherries? They're from Old Navy. I kept whispering I have that underwear!!! fervently during the film. I liked that movie. I cried during most of it, but that's just me, I'm a crier. Here come the waterworks.

I think Jason Bateman did a pretty good job. I usually do not like that man. Chris and I are starting to watch Arrested Development (we finished Deadwood a few weeks ago -- I think that may be my favorite television series ever) and the reason I didn't take to it whilst it was still on the air -- despite so many clever people telling me how good it was -- was mostly Jason Bateman. He's just so smug. He was good in Juno, though. They made me like him in the beginning, and then hate him at the end. Actually, they made me want to sleep with him in the beginning, and I never thought I'd want to sleep with Jason Bateman. His face was just so . . . sexy. On film, on a big screen, you could see the texture of his face and his hair, and he just seemed so real. I sound like a lunatic.

Speaking of faces, Jennifer Garner's is weird. She has a weird thing going on with her mouth, or something.

Also Chris and I saw Cloverfield last weekend. I liked it. I think it could have been a smidge less hand-heldy and still seemed realistic, but I didn't get sick or nothin'. I liked that none of the actors were familiar to me.

The Star Trek teaser trailer did nothing for me. Maybe if I hadn't seen it online first . . . probably not. It's boring. The real trailer had better be way more awesome. When I saw the trailer for Order of the Phoenix, I gripped Chris's hand, tighter and tighter, and almost cried from excitement. (Too bad I already told you that doesn't mean much.) But seriously -- my adrenaline was pumping. Due to a movie trailer. For a book that was one of my least favorite of the series. Maaaan J.J. Abrams. I really want this thing to be good.

Work is all right. My office is lonely, but peaceful. Life is good. My mom turned 60 yesterday. I'll be 30 in less than a month. I'm tired of this dreary, cold, rainy winter. I need to move farther north where it snows, or farther south where they don't bother with winter at all. The whole point of snow is to cover up the ugly gray deadness of everything, and with no snow, it's goddamned depressing out there. I'm ready for scooter season already, I tells ya.

Oh wait -- I forgot the most amazing thing: my taxes! I'm going to file my federal taxes today! It is still January!! This is the third or fourth time I'm doing my own taxes, and the first time I'm filing them more than 48 hours before they are due. I AM AMAZING.


Jan. 30th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
Depends on how they do it! I have been reading around today, and they've floated the idea of doing the SAME events, but from someone else's camcorder. That *could* be pretty cool. I don't know if a studio would go for it, though.

I've also been reading up on all the "viral marketing" that's been going on since last July. I like that the movie had no real explanation, but I am also having fun reading up on what the explanation supposedly is. Although I wouldn't have had the patience to follow along as it's happening, I'm glad I can just read recap.

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