Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Chris and I were watching a movie on TV the other night (I guess HBO) but we never found out what it was. Can you guys help?

A team of (I think) National Guardsmen goes on a training mission to a NG camp in the mountains/desert of I think New Mexico. But it's abandoned! Oh no! So most of them go up the mountain where they saw a mirror flashing, thinking they're on a rescue training mission. The two kids left at the camp discover that there's a dude hiding in the pit of the porta potty. They take him out and clean him off, and he's got cuts all over his body, and he says "they're here."

Then Chris and I changed the channel. When we came back, the dude from the porta potty was dead somehow, and someone (or someTHING!!) had stolen the kids' guns. The chick goes, "I'm going up the mountain to rejoin the rest of our crew!" The boy goes, "what no way I am calling for help!"

Then I don't know what happened. I was tired, and it looked really stupid, and if it WASN'T stupid, then it was going to be scary, and I don't like watching scary movies (especially not as I'm falling asleep!) I still want to know what movie it was, though. I didn't recognize any of the actors, but I assume it came out recently.

I was hoping it was a Tremors sequel. Probably not though.

Oh also Chris said that there were mutants or zombies or something in the caves in the mountains, but I didn't see that part. OH and also on the ride to the camp, they talk about how it used to be a test site for nuclear testing, and "wow, this place must be totally irradiated!" etc etc setting up the mutant angle. The whole thing was really hokey, seriously.

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