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I'm up at 3:30am because I always leave packing until the last minute because I am a dummy. But who cares! Tomorrow I am flying to Amsterdam and it is going to be totally sweet.

It is supposed to rain every freaking day that we are there! Booooo. Please hope for us that the weather changes. A little sun, perhaps? Some rain-free days? I don't know what rain is like in Amsterdam. Hopefully it's just drizzle. Yeah, it'll just be drizzle.

I suppose I should just throw some more stuff in my suitcase and call it a night. I have stuff to do tomorrow morning. Like drop Henry off at a boarding place! Oh man oh man oh man, I hope that he just deals with it and does not freak out on the poor kennel people. Hopefully he will be soothed by the easy listening music, and will enjoy the room service. (I am not even kidding, these are real "features" of this place.)

I'm taking along my journal from 1998, when I went to Europe for the first time. I'm going to fill in the rest of the book. It was strange, to read some of it earlier this evening. Man, college-kid-me! You are so dramatic sometimes. And yet, not as unlike today-me as I thought you were going to be.


I should go to bed to ensure that I wake up tomorrow when I am supposed to.

Please pray for no rain! Keep an eye on the US for me whilst I'm gone.

Kerry (Washu)
Tags: henry, vacation

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