Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Hooray for sports!

In England they would say, "Hooray for sport!" Or maybe they would say "huzzah."

All three of my fantasy teams were trounced this week, but I don't even care, because the Eagles won, all the other NFC East teams lost, and the Phillies won three of the first four games in the NLCS! I can't believe they are only one win away from the World Freaking Series! That is fucking major. (Oh and also I am still surviving in my football suicide pool! There is only one other dude left besides me! Exciting.)

Last night I watched the game at home and was quite productive. I like being in my home. I like being productive. It makes me feel good to lay down at a reasonable hour, knowing that I have accomplished something, even if it's only some laundry and copying DVDs and cleaning a little.

Speaking of laying down at a reasonable hour, Chris and I were asleep by nine (9pm) on Friday night. Seriously! We "laid down" after the Phillies game to read and/or watch TV and conked out almost immediately. On Saturday my tummy hurt so we left 508 before midnight and went straight to bed. Hi I'm old! I don't even mind anymore. My "Contacts" page on Flickr is filled with babies. I'm cool with it.

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