Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Last night a bunch of us went to the Sixers season opener. The game was okay; the Sixers lost and the arena was half-empty and everyone was in Phillies gear.

As soon as the game ended, everyone went to the bars that are sort of in the arena to watch the World Series on the teevees. It was magical and amazing to be surrounded by so many Phillies fans. After the final out we all poured out into the parking lot and mingled with the folks from the stadium. My voice is hoarse from yelling "Phillies! Yeah!" and I have never slapped so many high-fives in my life, or hugged so many strangers. I'm a little hungover and very, very tired, but man, that was amazing.

Fingers crossed that I can take tomorrow off for the parade without too much strife.

Go. Phils.

I'm so proud.

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