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Tomorrow we'll discover what our god in heaven has in store

I just watched this four times in a row (thanks, ranai.) In the beginning it's sort of funny but by the end my heart is swelled with the thought of revolution. As my bro just said to me, though, it would have been cooler if the lip synching were a bit better. Don't they know that show backwards and forwards like we do?

I'm nervous and excited for tomorrow. It's like Christmas, only what Christmas would be like if there was a slight possibility that Santa would steal your shit and, like, smack you around a little. And then make fun of you for crying.

While I'm embeddening YouTube videos, here are two from the most convincing Obama impersonator I've ever seen. Um, also the only one I've ever seen, but just from promos, that guy on SNL looks awful, so:

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