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Tonight it's supposed to get chilly again -- thirties at night! We'll have to make a fire -- but this past weekend was in the seventies and it was wonderful.

This winter was weird because I actually kept willing it to stay cold for longer. See, when we bought our house (Chris and I bought a house), we were super excited about the fireplace. Unfortunately, the thing wasn't up to code anymore. We had to get a chimney liner installed, which is more expensive than you'd think, and yadda yadda yadda this story is boring and I've told it a zillion times -- long story short, we decided to get a whole new fireplace insert installed. (For those of you not familiar, it's a wood-burning stove that is inserted into a fireplace opening. It's extremely efficient -- ours has two blowers to blow out hot air, even.) It was a while before we could get that scheduled, and then it got pushed back two or three times. It was frustrating to have all these big snowpocalypses, and no fire around which to cuddle. So I wanted the winter to last longer, so that we could get more enjoyment out of the thing, you know?

Well, fuck that noise, bring on the spring. There will be winter next year. Now is the time for tiny buds on trees, and lawns that have turned green overnight, and croci and daffodai and singing! My lord, have you heard the birds singing? They are going crazy out there. They are all "this is my territory" and also "hey ladies." (That is what they are saying.) It's so noisy outside, so wonderfully noisy.

This past Friday . . . shoot, I can't remember what I did this past Friday! I was going to tell you about my wonderful weekend and now I've gone and forgotten it. This is why I should update this thing more often. [Oh wait now I remember. Chris and I attended a political fund raiser. That's why I forgot it. But it wasn't too bad and I schmoozed with people from work so it was okay.]

I remember Saturday, though. On Saturday we drove to Barnegat Light to do some birding. Barnegat Light is at the very norther tippy-top of Long Beach Island. Unfortunately, we didn't see much: we were too late for the winter guys and too early for the spring guys. It was still lovely. We walked out on the long jetty, on big huge boulders. (I asked Chris where he thought they came from and he said "Pennsylvania." I think some of them were limestone.) We saw long-tailed ducks, which I had never seen before, and they have cool-looking, er, long tails. There were also a bunch of brant (who are pretty common at the shore), and a bunch of other birds it took us a while to identify -- turns out they were loons, who are very pale (white and tan!) when they are juveniles. We seriously had NO CLUE until a grown-up loon showed up who was shaped the same, but very clearly a loon.

Then we drove home and played tennis with Teege! I am terrible at tennis. There is a park adjacent to our house, so we hopped the fence and strolled on over.

Saturday night we stayed in and watched episodes from season two of The Tudors.

Sunday we drove up to New Brunswick to meet with a potential officiant for the wedding. She was very nice and sweet, and took notes, and wrote down "violence=good." Chris wants to do something like breaking a glass, but I feel that's really . . . well, Jewish, and I would feel guilty of cultural appropriation or something.

We bought fat sandwiches at the Grease Trucks. We came home and did stuff in the yard -- I raked! Oh boy does our yard need raking. We bought the house in the fall, and the seller either didn't rake because she knew she was moving; or never ever raked at all. And we have lots of trees. So I filled twelve (12) bags full of leaves, just from a tiny part of our front yard. Also I built a brush pile! I am quite proud of my brush pile.

I should take pictures of these things. No one likes reading.

Sunday night Mitchell came over and we watched The Last Airbender. I like it! It's definitely a kids' show, but it's drawn well and cracks me up on a regular basis. Also: FLYING BUFFALO.

Man, look at that, it took me all week to write this dumb thing and now it is the weekend again! No birding planned, but we are meeting with another officiant, and I'm getting my hair did, and we might go out to see some music on Saturday night (!) You should come too.

Enjoy the weekend, internet!

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