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thirty days

Yesterday was one month until the wedding, which means that today is one month less one day until the wedding.

That's not really much time! And there's a lot yet that I'd like to do, but if it doesn't get done, that's okay I think. All of the major things are in place. We have a tent, and chairs, and an officiant, and food, and a photographer. And bartenders. And insurance.

Oh, and rings! Our wedding bands came in the other day and I got pretty excited about them -- more excited than I thought I would be.

They are matching bands, which I'm pretty happy about. And they are titanium, which is has the strongest strength-to-weight ratio of any structural metal (I think. It's pretty high, anyway.) And they have designs on them which could be mountains, or waves, or birds: and I like all three of those things.

We have a wedding website, which I don't think I've mentioned here: it's, and the famous and talented manningkrull designed it, which is why it's so pretty. I produced all of the content, which is why it's so clever and hilarious.

We also took "engagement photos" a month ago (a month ago yesterday, in point of fact) which you can look at here (my favorites on Flickr) or here (the photographer's favorites on her blog.) (By the way, I love that she called us "the most laid-back and chilled-out couple you'll ever meet."

Okay, so, I will try to sound more excited now!

Today is our anniversary. Since we didn't have a "first date" or anything, and the beginning of our relationship was sort of . . . amorphous, I picked a date (partly) at random: August 12th, and that's when we celebrate. Tonight is our fourth anniversary, and we are going to dinner and a movie (Inception, finally.) One more day and I coulda seen Scott Pilgrim . . .

Since the day is mostly made up and Chris can never remember it, this will probably be our last civilian anniversary (as I am calling it in my head for some reason.) From this year forward he'll just have to remember September 11. That's easy to remember. NEVER FORGET.

There was a woodpecker at the feeder today that I haven't seen here before. Either a downy or a hairy -- I can never remember which is the bigger one and which is the littler one. I need a mnemonic device for that. We get them all the time in our backyard, but it's the first time I've seen one here at work. I am reading good books, and also crappy books. I have wedding-related appointments this weekend. And I made an appointment to get our marriage license! Exciting paperwork! Chris and I have to figure out how we're going to massage the ceremony our officiant wrote for us; we also have to write our own vows. We can't even agree on the format of them! Sheesh.

Okay, I'm sorry this entry was so boring, it wasn't meant to be! But I have to go home now.

on the tower whence Chris proposed

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