Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

I need to move. New Jersey is ridiculous. It's like this every year, and every year I forget: it's cold cold cold, until you almost can't stand it. Then there is about a week of lovely, springtime weather, and everything seems beautiful and glorious and life is good, and then allofasudden it's eighty-five goddamn degrees every goddamn day. Unless it's raining for three days straight. Did you know that we receive about the same amount of precipitation every month? What up with that?

Chris and I are scared to turn on our AC. It's old, and we couldn't test it during the inspection (you're not supposed to run a central AC system when it's cooler than 65 degrees, supposedly.) Actually, if it didn't run at all, that would be ideal -- we bought a home warranty pretty specifically for that purpose (also we're hoping our dryer or washer will die, since they're old, but they're Maytag, so they probably won't.) But most likely it'll run, it'll just be really inefficient and expensive. I'm looking forward to making Chris suffer through the unbearable heat the way he made me suffer through the cold all winter long. Though he'll pull the ol' "you can put on a sweater" line, as though I didn't wear my freaking hat most days, in addition to sweaters and afghans. I want him to suffer as I have suffered, dammit!

Seriously though, in all seriousness, I really do love that kid. I went from living by myself -- and seeing Chris sometimes six, sometimes only three days a week -- to hanging out with him every goddamn day. And I thought I would get tired of him, but I really don't. Sometimes I get tired of hanging out with other people -- like last night, he had people over and I only came out to eat dinner. But that's okay, I kept to myself and entertained myself and was happy to talk to him for a while before we fell asleep. He just doesn't drive me crazy like I thought he might.

Am I making any sense?

Wedding plans proceed, albeit slowly. We finally have a photographer, and I think we have chosen an officiant. I don't remember how much I've mentioned here (nothing?) so I'll add that we already have a date (September 11 of this year) (we're taking it back) and a location -- Flapjack's parents' farm. Our colors are ORANGE and yellow and blue. We will be roasting a pig. I have a dress.

There's a complimentary engagement session included, and I'm pretty excited about it. It will be good to work with the photographer, to see how we all interact. And there are very few nice pictures of Chris and I together (of which I know) so that will be fantastic. And we'll have to learn how to canoodle whilst someone is watching. I mean, we're good at canoodle, we're high-class canoodlers, but when we KNOW someone is LOOKING and taking PICTURES? Weird.

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