Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips


I got my hair cut last week. It was crazy and dramatic until someone else did it. Poseur.

Anyway, people keep saying to me, "well, I guess your morning prep time is a lot shorter!" Which is funny, because that's the exact opposite of being right. I used to do nothing, as I have been for the past 23 or so years of my life. Now, if I'm not washing it before I go out, I have to (gasp) use a curling iron. Otherwise I look foolish. Dear God, they'll make a girl of me yet.

So this morning while I was trying to use my curling iron, I noticed a bug crawling around inside the shade of my floor lamp in my bedroom. I bent the lamp toward me so that I could look down in it and identify the bug. I was expecting a spider or something, but it was a nasty-looking little guy. Very unappealing. He had long feelers on (I think) both ends. Is he a silverfish? He's not an earwig, I know what they look like. He's all long and flat and icky-looking. I was running late, so I just left him there; I don't think he can scale the slippery walls of the lamp shade. I wonder how he got there. It's the first time I've seen a bug in my apartment, except for flies. Wow. I have no bugs! Sweet. Maybe I will renew after all.

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