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I got my old email address in late 1998. At the time, it was very cool and had forwarding AND gathering features to/from other email addresses. It was my first web-based email account (sniff). It was quick and expertly laid-out and came highly recommended from cnet. Word.

Since then, they gradually made everything a "premium" service. They stopped letting you collect your email through a different account; first they made it a premium service, but then more recently I was considering buying it, and found that their "premium service" menu was gone entirely, so I could do nothing. Then things started acting up: people weren't getting my emails for days, etc. And this whole time, they didn't change how the thing looks, not once. Not even a different color scheme.

So I abandoned Net@ddress (gotta love companies with the "@" symbol in their name) for yahoo. Which is very useful yet very ugly (FUCK YOU COURIER FONT)*, but what's a girl to do. I still have newsletters and whatnot sent my old account, so I went to check it today. I was surprised to see: a new color scheme! In shades of periwinkle/purple! Sweet! Ah, my friends, NOT so sweet. They're turning the whole goddamn thing subscription-only by the end of July. Fuckers.

So now I have 700-odd messages -- and I think maybe 500 or so in my Sent folder -- which may or may not have sentimental value, which I may or may not want to save. Is there any easy way to do this? By which I mean, is there any way for me to save them so that I can search them in regard to sender/date/subject? I thought not.

They don't even advertise the subscription price on the front page. You actually have to fill out an application first. See -- it's shoddy treatment like this that makes me hate them. Making me pay for services that were free when I joined -- those fees are the tire-puncturing treadles of my email life. Have some fucking respect and courtesy for your faithful emailers/tenants. Bloody savages.

*I'm sorry, Courier. I didn't mean it. You served me well many times by turning a truly 3-page paper into a 5-page-as-required masterpiece. You're . . . you're just so goddamned ugly.

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