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mailto: delight42@usa.net

I got my old email address in late 1998. At the time, it was very cool and had forwarding AND gathering features to/from other email addresses. It was my first web-based email account (sniff). It was quick and expertly laid-out and came highly recommended from cnet. Word.

Since then, they gradually made everything a "premium" service. They stopped letting you collect your usa.net email through a different account; first they made it a premium service, but then more recently I was considering buying it, and found that their "premium service" menu was gone entirely, so I could do nothing. Then things started acting up: people weren't getting my emails for days, etc. And this whole time, they didn't change how the thing looks, not once. Not even a different color scheme.

So I abandoned Net@ddress (gotta love companies with the "@" symbol in their name) for yahoo. Which is very useful yet very ugly (FUCK YOU COURIER FONT)*, but what's a girl to do. I still have newsletters and whatnot sent my old account, so I went to check it today. I was surprised to see: a new color scheme! In shades of periwinkle/purple! Sweet! Ah, my friends, NOT so sweet. They're turning the whole goddamn thing subscription-only by the end of July. Fuckers.

So now I have 700-odd messages -- and I think maybe 500 or so in my Sent folder -- which may or may not have sentimental value, which I may or may not want to save. Is there any easy way to do this? By which I mean, is there any way for me to save them so that I can search them in regard to sender/date/subject? I thought not.

They don't even advertise the subscription price on the front page. You actually have to fill out an application first. See -- it's shoddy treatment like this that makes me hate them. Making me pay for services that were free when I joined -- those fees are the tire-puncturing treadles of my email life. Have some fucking respect and courtesy for your faithful emailers/tenants. Bloody savages.

*I'm sorry, Courier. I didn't mean it. You served me well many times by turning a truly 3-page paper into a 5-page-as-required masterpiece. You're . . . you're just so goddamned ugly.


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Jul. 2nd, 2001 01:29 pm (UTC)
a little help . . . . . maybe?
just a little bit of info:

if you have ms outlook you can try to access the email account through that, i'm not sure whether that is the same as the premium service of accessing through a different account. i do that with my hotmail address and move the messages to a folder on my hard disk. as a packrat that's how i get around the hotmail account size limits.

hope that was of some help. if not, sorry for the waste of typing space.

i completely agree with the courier hate. i have to use that damn font for everything at work.
Jul. 2nd, 2001 07:51 pm (UTC)
If they give you any kind of a "download to PC" option, you can probably get everything onto your computer. Once it's there, there are a bunch of different programs to help you search them.

If you don't have a download option, can you do a big bulk send? Maybe you can forward them to your new account, and either store them there or download from Yahoo!. If you stil can't download from Yahoo, you can send them to one of my accounts, and I can download and save them.
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