Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

The Walking Dead

I started watching the second season of The Walking Dead last night. [I have read all of the books. Well, as many as are in hardcover. Thanks, Teege!] I feel as though it would be a whole lot better if the actors playing Rick and Shane weren't completely terrible. At acting. No? Am I off base on that one?

(Also, not to pick nits, but Andrea is supposed to be, like, nineteen. Not thirty-three.)

Aside from that though it's pretty decent. (And supposedly it gets better as the season progresses, yes?) I like Dale and I like Andrea, just as I do in the books. I like Carl (although who the fuck named their kid CARL in the aughts? That is a middle-aged man's name) better in the series than in the books. I don't mind the extra characters. I hope they find that little girl Sophia or Sophie or whatever; we need more kids and she wasn't bad, for a little girl. Also when Carl was creeping up to that deer? And everyone was frozen in wonder? I seriously thought he was going to pull out a throwing star or a machete or something and fucking MURDERIZE it for dinner but then he didn't and I was a little disappointed. Ah well, it will come.

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