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Sometimes Chris and I sleep in the guest bedroom. It almost feels like we're on vacation, waking up in an unfamiliar place. The free-est vacation ever.

It's hard to get out bed when there's a warm husband in it -- okay okay, I always have had a tough time getting out of bed. Leaving a warm husband is hard, but I think that leaving a warm dog is even more difficult. Indiana is even easier to spoon with, and she's so soft, and she doesn't complain when I snooze the alarm for an hour. (Actually Chris doesn't either, but I can pretend it doesn't bother the dog.)

I really do like my life. I'm still not happy at work (though less miserable than a few weeks ago, I think) but I love my little family. I love my house, and I love all of my in-laws (seriously, in-laws are the best, especially brothers and sisters.) I love that I rode my scooter in to work today. I LOVE autumn. Holy crap the weather has been perfect for weeks. Every year I complain that we don't get a proper Spring or a proper Fall, but I think we're getting one this year, and it's gorgeous and spectacular.

I mean, talk to me later in the week when we're having even more complications with the garage door opener, but for now, life is good.


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Oct. 26th, 2012 11:44 pm (UTC)
I feel like half the point of having a dog is that when you refuse to get out of bed it makes your choice a totally reasonable one.
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