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Chris and I just watched the latest episode of Girls last night, and I think it was the best episode so far. I cracked up about a zillion times, at every line that was supposed to be funny, and I also cried THREE times. At the end of the episode it was actual, real crying, I was so sad for her and for everybody. I was sad about everybody last night!

I feel as though that show (and I'm pretty sure it's wayyy better this season than last) treats me like an intelligent person. Like, it's very clear what is going on with all of the characters, but I also feel like I'm not being hit over the head with it. I don't know, I'm bad at articulating things, and maybe it IS too obvious (I'm not that smart when watching media, tbqh) but it just feels . . . appropriate to me.

Hannah is all by herself this episode, and near the beginning she gets a splinter in her butt and has to get it out by herself, and I said "aw, that's sad." It's sad when you have to pull the splinter out of your own butt. And I mean you CAN, anyone should be able to do that, it's not like you're going to moon around and whine about how there's no one to pull the splinter out of your butt, you're just going to do it, man, but still. It's nice when there's a friend around to pull the splinter out of your butt and put hydrogen peroxide on for you. And I mean obviously that's an analogy for everything, I don't think she's trying to be mysterious or cryptic about it or anything, but I still think it was done well. It wasn't some slapstick thing where she can't reach and gets turned around and falls over -- it was just awkward and annoying and it hurt, but she did it.

I also have grown to LOVE her big fat thighs and how often I see them. In the first season I got really frustrated with how she wore such unflattering clothes. And I mean you see Lena Dunham out in real life and she looks good, so it's not like SHE doesn't know how to dress, it's that HANNAH doesn't. But then in that episode this season where she does a ton of coke with her gay ex-boyfriend she said something like "who am I hurting by wearing short shorts every day? No one!" and it blew my mind and changed everything. Because now I think that Hannah does know that she looks ridiculous, and she gives no fucks. This is how she wants to look, this is what she wants to wear. I love that she went to the hospital with no pants on, and I love that Adam called her out on it. Oh god, the hospital, that scene with the doctor was SO funny and SO fucking heartbreaking. All at once, all at the same time, it was amazing. And Adam!! I used to hate Adam in the first season but now that he's a) out of his house and b) has a shirt on, we see the whole picture, and he makes sense and is a real person. And I give a shit about him. I mean I don't know if I would go so far as to say that I like him -- I sure wouldn't date him and I don't even know if I'd want to be his friend -- but I care about what happens to him, and I was sad and said "aw, no!" when he ordered that Jack and ginger. (I told a lot of the characters not to do things this episode. They never listened.)

Last season I started liking Girls because Chris liked it. I know that sounds terribly un-feminist of me, and maybe it is, but let me explain. The explanation is twofold. First, I love watching/listening to him laugh. Seeing Chris laugh is one of the best vicarious pleasures in my life, right up there with watching Indiana run as fast as she can. It is wonderful and infectious, and he LOVES that show, it cracked his motherfucking shit UP. Even more than the Nard Dog. Secondly, Chris is . . . more critical of how people look than I think I am. And the fact that he was watching this show with a pudgy main character, and didn't seem to care about that, pleasantly surprised me. So I was happy about that. And I thought it was really funny too! But I mostly liked that he liked it. (Also he doesn't care or know about what people say on the internet so he didn't know about all the . . . shit that was out there about the poor show before it even aired.)

This season, he still really likes it. It's the only show we watch from week to week, as it's airing (it turns out that we only really do that with HBO shows; it's funny how I don't at all think of it as a movie channel anymore.) And we record it but we usually watch it as it's airing. We can't wait! That's amazing. But yeah, she's really been blowing my mind this season. Good for her. I was going to maybe try to talk about all the shit that everyone writes about it, and try to debate that, but I don't even know if it's worth my time. I haven't read any reviews today so I don't know if the general consensus about this particular episode is the same as mine, but I don't care. It was wonderful, for the reasons I mentioned and a dozen I didn't get into. I am officially pro-Lena Dunham, forever and always. I want to make a Twitter account just so that I can tweet at her and tell her how awesome she is.
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