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U Can't Touch This

So my July 3rd! Would you like to hear of my July 3rd? Of course you would!

As planned, I called out of work. I called at 6am, so that my voice would sound suitably scratchy and horrible. And it worked, too: just a little while ago, Dave came by my desk and said that Charlie said that I had sounded awful. And I wasn't even faking! Bonus!

Then Dave (not the same Dave, boviously [sic]) and Hal and Mitch and I went to Wildwood. I've never been there before. I got to ride in Hal's jeep. I've never ridden in a Wrangler with no doors for such a long distance before. It was awesome. If I'm ever rich enough to own a second car for use only not when it's cold, then that's it right there. I wore only my bikini top and pretended that I was a hot girl making the day of all the highway drivers.

We walked around on the boardwalk a lot. We played miniature golf, Dave and Mitch against Hal and I. I honestly can't remember who won, but it was only by two strokes, and none of us sucked, so that was phat. The boys each threw a baseball, and the thing said that they each threw over 90 miles an hour!! We think it was lying. We got boardwalk pizza that was so good and cheesy that even Hal couldn't eat more than two slices. We sat on a bench across the boardwalk from one of those games where you have to shoot a certain number of baskets to win something. The dude that was running the thing kept taking shots every so often, and he kept missing. We waited and waited and waited until FINALLY he made one, whereupon we all jumped up and cheered and clapped and probably embarassed him, and then we were able to move on.

The only game I played was the one where you bang the thing with the hammer to launch the rubber frog, which as Mitchell pointed out, is often missing one or more legs, or a head or something. I managed to land two into lilypads. The prizes were pretty crappy (even for boardwalk prizes), and I tried to get the dude to give me a monkey so that I could give it to Kevin, but it was for 3 wins, and I couldn't charm the guy into bending the rules a little. I guess I'm not cute enough. So I got a little angelfish which was actually kind of neat-looking, and gave it to Henry. He thought it was kickass for about 20 seconds, and it now litters my floor along with everything else.

I got a henna tattoo of a big dragon on my back. A ripoff, of course, but I pretty much knew ahead of time that it would be, so I'm not upset. And the applier was a very cute boy to whom I gave my phone number, which I NEVER do so I was all shy and nervous and he'll probably never call me anyway.

And I got broiled like a lobster. As I do at least once every summer. I at least put stuff on my face, so my face is just a little pink, but my tummy and chest and the tops of my thighs are crispy and hurt a lot, and now they only hurt a little. Mitch brought me Noxema yesterday, and that helped. But Tuesday night it hurt a lot, so I decided to stay home instead of hanging out.

July 4th was far less eventful. I played a bunch of videogames, went out for ice cream which dribbled all down my wrist (I'm a remarkably messy eater), and watched Jurassic Park (as aforementioned). No fireworks this year. Not even so much as a sparkler.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that early in the day, Hal got pooped on by a seagull and we all laughed at him. It landed on his T-shirt. But then later, *I* got pooped on by a seagull, and they all laughed at ME! It landed on my head, but luckily I was wearing a bandana, so I could wipe it off. Hal and I were both wearing reddish bandanas that day. Dave and Mitch said we looked like twins in the jeep.

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