Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
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The 2013 Armchair Audies

As you may know, I listen to a lot of audiobooks. I'm pretty much always listening to one at any given time. I mean not any given moment in time -- for example, right now I'm at work, and I can't do work and listen to an audiobook simultaneously without diminishing the effiency of either. Or both.

But generally speaking, I'm always in the middle of listening to an audiobook. I listen in the car when I commute; I listen when I take my walks at lunch; I listen when I have to do boring housework like laundry; I listen when I'm out walking the dog.

So when the call went out to participate in the Armchair Audies, I quickly signed up.

The Audies are annual awards given out to audiobook productions of the previous year. There are a whole lot of nominees, so the Armchair Audies are one lady's attempt to make sense of it all. Listeners (like me!) choose one category, and listen to all of the books in that category. They write reviews, and the reviews are collated at the Armchair Audies site.

I chose to read the Classics category. Actually I asked to do Classics or Science Fiction, but there was already another volunteer for Science Fiction, so I said I'd stick with Classics.

I'm sort of done, and I haven't written any reviews yet because I'm a terrible person who is only good at doing things when there's no expectation of getting them done.

But the real Audies are being awarded in fewer than two weeks, so I'm about to get going on it. Prepare yourself for some high-octane audiobook reviews of classic fiction! Strap in!
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