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Chris was gone, but now he's back

So I fell down a LiveJournal rabbit hole yesterday, and have been doing it again this is morning. (This morning I'm at work, so that's bad. I should stop doing that.)

I've been reading stuff from c. 2003. I wrote so much! I had so much ENERGY. I was HAPPY or DEPRESSED or EXCITED or ENRAGED and I felt everything so freaking STRONGLY! Go young Washu!

I'm also amazed at how much I've forgotten. Apparently I stopped seeing Mambo because he wanted me to be his girlfriend? I totally did not remember that! Stuff about my old job, too. I really ought to write things down more often, so that I can remember them properly when I'm even older and lazier than I am now.

(I also ought to backup my LiveJournal.)

SO ANYWAY let me tell you about right now: Chris has been gone since Friday, he's in the Poconos to murder a deer via bow. I had a nice time when he was gone! I mean I miss him of course (so does Indiana, I can tell) but in some ways it's nice to be alone for a little while. I was super productive for the first few days. That sorta trailed off but hey, whaddaya gonna do. It's hard to go to work AND take the dog for a long walk AND get myself fed AND also do stuff around the house. All by myself. So eh, whatever.

I spoke to him a little while ago, he was on the road home. (He is probably home by now.) And he was like "I was thinking of having the guys over . . . " and my heart sunk. He meant Saturday though, which is okay. Tonight I sort of want him to myself. (Though I'll bet dollars to donuts that someone will "stop by" at some point. Dollars! To donuts! I do not know what that idiom means, really!) And I realized that it's not so much that I want Chris to be gone sometimes (though I do enjoy my Kerry Time, always have,) it's that there are always people coming over when he's home. And that's not the worst thing in the world really (though sometimes it is,) but it's nice to always have it be MY decision whether I'm hanging out with someone or not. I did have Mitch over one night, and drinks with my old work buddy Adam one time (though he was gone by like 7:30,) but I think that's it. Oh I also had drinks with my OTHER old work pals, but that was over before 8 as well.

(Although if Chris still wasn't home tonight, I was going to try to get myself invited over to Kevin & Kathy's for dinner tonight, so that I didn't starve. And also so that I could hang out with them, and with Haley.)

Anyway. Now he's home and Kerry's vacation is over. As with every vacation, though I had a good time, I am glad that things will be getting back to normal. The phone reception at the house in the Poconos is not so hot, and phone conversations were frustrating and unsatisfying. Also I would like to get laid.

OH WAIT I also have to tell you about this cute thing that Indiana did:

Last night we went for our walk at night (she didn't even seem to mind that it was raining!) and then we came home and sat on the couch to watch Thursday Night Footbaw. Indiana is always a snuggly beast, and this time she was especially nuzzly. She came over and curled up and nuzzled nuzzled nuzzled my legs and the afghan and &c and then just looked up at me. I looked down at her and her nose was pointed up at me and we looked at each other for a moment or two like that and then I said "Hello," and she immediately went "slrp!" and kissed me, quick, on the lips. And then nuzzled her way under the blanket. Good god that dog is adorable.
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