Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Important Life Lessons From Chad

I was in the Echelon Mall yesterday, and I saw Chad, who I see very rarely. Which apparently is only due to my absence from the Echelon Mall, because I swear, EVERY time I pass the Vitamin Health Center, there he is. He claims to have another job and a home and everything, but I think he's chained up behind that counter or something, because I've seen him there at ALL times of day.

Normally when you see someone you don't see very often, you catch up on stuff, you make small talk and jokes, you talk about people you both know. Well, Chad and I did those stupid things, but a great thing about talking with Chad is that you learn something. Perhaps this is because he will soon become a teacher. I learned two (2) things yesterday from Chad. Firstly, I learned how to change the oil in my car myself. Chad instructed me, and in 3000 miles maybe I'll try it. Secondly, he told me that Centrum sucks and only gives you 100% of the FDA-recommended amount of Vitamin C, which is barely enough to prevent SCURRRVY!! You should have heard the way he said "scurvy". He said it's his special secret salesman way. So he gave me some free samples of other, better vitamins, which you have to take five (5) at a time with a full meal. And which probably cost a hundred dollars a month, or something ridiculous like that. But the free sample was nice, and now I know that I should at least take some extra Vitamin C if I want to be completely scurvy-worry free.

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