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I feel so much better -- just, overall -- when I've been what I consider "productive."

It's weird though because sometimes I'll feel like things are going all right in my real life, I'm doing things that I want to do, accomplishing things that are written on a list somewhere, and then I"ll get to work and I don't even . . . care? Like, as long as I'm productive in some aspect of my life, I don't have to bother trying to stay on top of things at work. That is not the greatest attitude to have!

I feel good lately because of a lot of little things. One is that I'm finally back on the horse in terms of tracking what I'm eating. And it's working! I lost a little bit of weight every weekday last week, and over the weekend didn't gain so much that it was a net gain. And I've been doing well this week as well, so far.

I also decided to stop sweetening my tea at work. This may not seem like a big deal, but I drink 4-5 mugs (and I have a very large mug) a day. That was a lot of Splenda! Splenda will probably give me cancer. So I stopped. And sugar is, in addition to calories, not necessarily so good for you either, so I didn't switch to sugar. I just decided to drink my tea unsweetened. I think I will have to bring in my own tea from now on (it's tough to drink regular ol' Lipton without a sweetener, it gets bitter so quickly) but it's about time I became a tea snob. I'm only amazed it took this long.

We are making slow and steady progress on doing something about the hall bathroom. We had Oth (he doesn't like to be called that, but I don't want to use his full name and he probably won't see this anyway, sorry Steve!) come over to check things out and we'll hire him to do the work. It's stuff we could probably do ourselves, but if we pay somebody to do it it will get DONE in one day instead of dragging out for a week, and also I feel way better about paying a friend (but a LICENSED, experienced friend) to do it than some random dude. Chris and I went to Lowe's to look at some vanities and it turns out that it would be better to pick that stuff out online. I thought it would be better to see things in person! But what do I know. So we didn't order any stuff yet but we had a look around, and last night I picked out a new valve and trim (handle thingie) for the master bath and we'll see about that first. I know it seems like such a minor thing but we have a habit of putting things off and putting things off, so my goal is to at least do ONE small thing a day, and then I think we'll be okay.

Maybe tonight (which is gaming, and Dark Sun again because they're trying to finish Mike's game before he moves to Myrtle Beach) I'll finally touch up the paint in the den, as I've been meaning to do for like two years.

Also yesterday I finally bought a pair of jeans. They're from Old Navy and they're thin, so I still need a pair from Lee or Levi's or something. But I figured I'd want more than one pair anyway, may as well get a cheap pair from ON (and I remembered by $5 ON cash! I only remember that like half the time!)

Also Teege came over to watch Breaking Bad; we haven't done that in like two months so it was great to do that as well. Didn't kill any monsters, though.

I also baked cookies last week. I like giving them away. I like that I've been baking on a more regular basis lately. I also would like to make some stew: a few weeks ago Chris made a big stock pot full of chicken and dumplings, and it kept us fed for like a week. I'd like to feed our family for a week as well (once we've eaten all the SuperBowl Taco leftovers.)

When writing this entry in my mind, I added a part about how my "productive" is probably totally lame to some people (I'm actually thinking of someone in particular, whom I shall not name,) but I actually don't think I give a shit about that sort of thing anymore. Maybe I'm just in a good headspace today, but who cares, right? As long as I keep truckin' along, it doesn't really matter to me how slow I'm going. Just so long as I keep moving, I'm happy.


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Feb. 6th, 2014 08:03 pm (UTC)
Hey! I just installed TWO Home Depot vanities and vanity tops (Glacier Bay brand, to be precise), and so I have some OPINIONS AND STUFF.

Maybe you know a lot of this already, or have dealt with similar issues in your lifetime of being an ENGINEER and dealing with the real world, whereas my profession involves moving variables around in my head, and if so I apologize in advance.

- These things are cheap and so they're not made of real wood, heads up. Might seem obvious but I didn't know for sure ahead of time. I didn't particularly like what I saw online at Ikea.com but I think Ikea might be higher quality.

- They will almost certainly come a little dinged up. Mine were slightly scratched and one drawer had stripped out screw holes I had to repair with toothpicks and wood glue.

- Oh yeah, the hole in the back of the vanity is likely to not match up to where your plumbing is. I had to modify both of mine with a saw, so I could access the water supplies.

- They also come with a stupid cardboard veneer thing on the back, I just pulled that straight off, I don't know why that exists.

- If you're putting it in the corner, watch out- your house is not square and the vanity is.

- The vanity top is made to hang over by a half inch on both sides, if your vanity sits in the middle of a wall this is great, if not, you've got another issue besides the not-squareness of your walls.

- There are a couple solutions to the above issues, one is to notch the drywall so the vanity top slides a little way into the wall, this would work great especially if you were using a sidesplash, nobody would ever notice that you didn't have a 90 degree angle.

- But the matching sidesplash looks incredibly stupid, I could explain why but it's probably not worth it. I bought one and after trial fitting it, took it back to the store angrily. It's so stupid I can't believe it exists.

- BTW, "cultured marble" is plastic. You can cut it like wood. The other nice way to deal with the corner issue is to scribe the vanity with a pencil at a constant distance from the wall and cut it, so it conforms to the wall exactly, then slide it into the corner.

- I didn't do either, I screwed the vanity into one wall and am living with the fact that there's a little gap at the front between the top and the wall. It doesn't actually look that bad. I do worry that stuff will fall in there and be irretrievable. But actually, it's the next resident's problem!

- The vanity top does not mate that well to the vanity, it doesn't make contact all the way around. This boggled my mind, as they are made by the same goddamn company.

- The stupid instructions say just use silicone caulk around the border of the vanity. I used construction adhesive. Since it doesn't fit great, I could rig up some scrap wood in the corners, but it feels solid enough as it is I probably won't mess with it.

- Installing the faucet and related hardware is pretty easy, but I did learn one important thing from a youtube video- if you put silicone all over every part of the drain assembly, it won't leak. The instructions don't help at all. I read some forum arguments about this, plumbers deride the use of silicone as unprofesssional, saying plumber's putty is the proper way (though plumber's putty apparently stains some materials, which is real scary). I say fuck it, silicone is waterproof and it worked great.

Having built two bathrooms now, I see things I did well and I see many things I could do better. It would be really nice to have a good custom built cabinet and sink setup. But expensive. Maybe some day.

You should see the shower though, the shower kicks so much ass.

If, somehow after reading all that crap, you have any more questions, feel free to ask, I would love for someone else to benefit from my experience.
Feb. 10th, 2014 12:24 am (UTC)
That sounds like a lot of awesome things! I'm envious of your home renovation stuff. I like to think that I'd buy a house and then just go beast mode on it and fix all the stuff right away, but I'm sure I'd peter out rapidly. Isn't it funny how the realization of "when I am productive, I feel good and useful and proud" comes to us again and again? It does to me, anyway. YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD LEARN AND JUST BE PRODUCTIVE ALL THE TIME. Hahahah no.

Mike and I make a resolution to get out of bed before 11 on weekends all the time. We do it, like, twice, and then get up to our old tricks. Every time we stick to it, magic and rainbows. So why can't I just stop being lazy? I'm the willpoworst.
Feb. 10th, 2014 07:38 am (UTC)
I mean ... it sounds like you're happy, like, *legit* happy, so who cares about people's perception of your productivity?
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