Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Okay so spoiler alert for last night's Game of Thrones episode, I guess.

I'm very annoyed that they made Jamie a raper. I might even be enraged, depending on how things go, or just after I think about it some more. I'm pleased that they ended up doing the fucking-in-front-of-their-son's-corpse bit, but the whole POINT was that they are both fucked in the head, they fucking DID IT in front of the rotting corpse of their son. That's hot and fucked up at the same time. That's the point. Now Cersei is a victim and Jamie is a goddamed rapist? I thought he was supposed to be a sympathetic character. I can deal with an oathbreaker, a kingslayer, but I can't sympathize with a rapist, I don't care how handsome he is. Congrats, you ruined Jamie Lannister for me forever. Dicks.
Tags: game of thrones, teevee

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