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This was a great weekend that I just had. A great fucking weekend. A great fucking weekend that culminated in the fantasmic Sunday evening when I had the distinct pleasure of seeing my girl Madonna perform.

I had a ticket to this sold-out, nobody-has-tickets show simply because I have intelligent, resourceful friends who have got my back and who understand and can relate to my undying respect and admiration and enjoyment of Madonna. I didn't deserve to go, but damn if I didn't enjoy myself.

I was having a blast before we (and by "we" I mean "Michelle and I") even entered the arena. I have never before seen a more eclectic crowd at a concert. There were young people and old people and gay guys and moms and goths and lots of cowgirl hats and people glammed out and people wearing khakis and lots and lots of females and everyone was absolutely ecstatic to be there. When the lights went down the crowd EXPLODED, but the amazing thing was that everybody SHUT THE FUCK UP when Madonna was singing. They got MAD HYPE when she closed the first part of the show with "Holiday", her first single, and they got MAD HYPE when she did "Music", off her most recent album, for the encore. Everyone was pretty much MAD HYPE in general. I think it's fucking fantastic that all of those people, all of those different people, were excited about the same thing. As we (and by "we" I mean "EVERYONE, up to and including the girls from Destiny's Child") shuffled out of the arena at the end of the show, people would start "whooping", and man, I was whooping right along with them. "WHOOOOO!" I cried. "WHOOOOO! Yeah, Madonna! Whoooooo!"

Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. The show: the show was amazing. The show did not disappoint. The first half or so was all material from her two most recent albums, which pleased me to no end. Then she did songs from various recent albums since, say, "Vogue". And then she did "What It Feels Like For a Girl", but here's the kicker: I really like the music in that song, and the vocal line, but I think the lyrics are mad cheesy. But she sang it in Spanish! So I didn't have to care! Rock on! And went right into "La Isla Bonita", which just happens to be my favorite old Madonna song. And during this whole Spanish part, she played guitar while one of the dancers danced around Spanishly with castenets. (Is that right? Castenets?) It was calm and lovely.

Oh, you read right my friends, the lady played guitar. The first time she did it I thought, "oh, cute, somebody taught her to play that song," You know, something Michael Stipe-esque. But she whipped out a guitar for like, five or six or seven songs! You go, girl!

She had a whole Asian-ish section where she did a lot of stuff from Ray of Light. It started out with her in a kimono with sleeves that were like 30 feet long, each. And then at the end of the song the guys holding them up ripped them off and ran around with them like long colorguard flags. And the outfit she was wearing underneath -- man, do I want that to be my Halloween costume this year. It was phat. And she did -- I think it was "Nobody's Perfect" -- kneeling on the floor with a samurai stepping around her, not-quite cutting her head off. It was hot shit.

So the costume changes, the lighting, the effects, the stage, the trap doors, the dancing -- all fantastic. See, THIS I have no problem paying $50 for -- THIS is a show, my friends. Sitting in the grass watching some hippies in T-shirts jam for an hour -- that is maybe not worth the ticket price.

I can't say enough good things about Madonna. This woman is beautiful, intelligent, sexy, athletic, funny. Her cowgirl bit was a little overdone, but aside from that, what a fucking fantastic show. Enough dancing, but not too much. Her singing was fucking fabulous. The execution was impeccable. Everything was perfect. And the people in front of me stayed in their seats, which meant I could stay seated like the old fogey that I am and just groove. I had a headache the whole time, and I STILL had a blast.

So thank you Michelle, for joining me on such a joyous evening and having as much fun as I did. Thank you Kim, for scoring me the seat. Thank you designer of the FU Center, for making every seat a good one. Thank you people of the Delaware Valley, for being a happy and enthusiastic crowd. Thank you God, for causing all these happy wonderful things to converge. And thank you Madonna, for being such a fucking fantasic performer.
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