Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Second time around

This morning I have been reliving the past year of my life, backwards.

Thus far I have deleted or forwarded approximately 250 email messages. I have endured numerous fights, several parties, a concert or two, a breakup, a reconciliation. I have read angry letters and cheerful letters and accusations and compliments and come-ons. It has been advised of me that I simply delete the whole lot; but I am a packrat, a masochist, and a goddamned sentimental fool. So I read them all, and keep a good deal. I also have an eye to the future: I'm sure these correspondences will be very illuminating to the author of my biography.

So 464 messages to go. And then, and THEN, my friends: The Sent folder. Lord. As if reliving the events of my past weren't taxing enough, next I will have to review my asinine opinions and proclamations regarding such. I only hope I can get it all done before my account is closed, and my sage words are lost to the winds of time, FOREVER.

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