Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Old anchor guys RULE

Man, I can't remember the exact words the old anchor guy on KYW used this morning when discussing the red wormy computer thingy today, but they were something silly like "Officials are watching the Internet carefully". Although I just said "red wormy computer thingy", so maybe I shouldn't talk.

Oh, but wait, I just remembered that that wasn't the funny thing! The FUNNY thing was he was reading this story about some little kid who scored a hole in one, and he's the youngest kid to ever do that on a real course or something. He (the anchor guy) told us that the kid used "his favorite club, his Snoopy driver" to make the shot, and that Tiger Woods got his first hole in one when he was 6. Then he says (and you could tell he was smiling) "you heard it here first."

Haha! Impatience at crappy feel-good news. I love it. I reminded me of the old anchor guy that used to be on the 10 o'clock news on channel 11 my sophomore year. We always caught the last minute or two, because Seinfeld was on at eleven. And the absolute last story they did was always some throwaway fluff piece, like a cat rescuing her kittens from a burning building or some such crap. And the old anchor guy always looked not-amused, and sometimes he couldn't help himself and would actually roll his eyes or make a snide comment. Then Kaity Tong (or whomever) would say "join us tomorrow for the WB news at ten" and then the old anchor guy would say "Seinfeld is next". Goddamn, I sure do love me some routine.

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