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There are a few very leetle bug bites on the side of my right leg, a little above the knee. "How did they get there, little Washu?" you ask. "Why did you expose yourself to mean biting bugs?"

Well, I'll tell you. Last Friday night I went "camping". By "camping" I mean "sitting around a fire at someone else's campsite". I was careful to wear jeans and shoes and socks and long sleeves and everything. But my jeans were the ones with the small hole at the seam. It's really a very small hole, no larger than an inch; and because it's simply a rip in the seam, it doesn't gape. It is not a gaping hole. But the little buggies found it! I suppose I looked so good and scrumptious that they used their tiny buggie eyes and their tiny buggie brains (or ganglia? Is that what a big ball of nerves is? Ganglia? Hel-lo seventh grade Biology) to determine the one weakness in my defenses. And they bit me, several times. Jerks.

Another thing happened to me whilst "camping". We were all (by "we" I mean Dave, Hal, Jeff, and the people whose site it actually was) (and Beyoncé, of course) sitting around the campfire in camping chairs, you know, those canvassy ones that fold up so you can put them in a bag and sling them over your shoulder. The ground sloped up towards the pit that the fire was in. But I am easily cold, so I kept scooting my chair towards the fire, even though it meant I was leaning crazily back, all off-kilter and whatnot. And then, all of a sudden, with no forewarning -- I wasn't moving or fidgeting or even talking, I swear -- I fell over! Just fell right over! I let out a little "eep!" that no one but me heard as my chair fell sideways and landed me in the pile of wood. Not the kind that was on fire already, thank goodness. Everyone laughed and laughed, including me. Dave had to help me up because I was having trouble composing myself. And this other boy who was there who I had just met said, "what tent are YOU sleeping in tonight? Because there's room in mine ..." Haha! It was funny and not lecherous because he had his girlfriend with him, so everyone knew he was just kidding. It caused Hal to say "I like this kid already."

For the rest of the evening -- and the long ride home -- I would just be sitting there, minding my own business, when suddenly my brain would remind me about how I fell over, and I would start to giggle. What a great night.

Also I roasted marshmallows on a loooooong fork and made them come out perfect.

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