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Potable water closets

Today I was in a meeting all morning, where everybody in the universe calls in to discuss the gazilliion projects their men are working on. At one point this old guy (maybe in his early sixties, actually he looks older, but he'd be retired by now if he were older, he doesn't look stupid enough to stick around here longer than he has to) Jim wants to illustrate something for us visually, something about volts or amperes or something, I don't know, I'm a civil engineer.

Anyway, he gets up and goes to the easel that happens to be in the room, and picks up a marker to write on the easel, which has a dry erase board on it now, you can put a paper pad on the easel too, but the pad isn't here. He starts writing with the marker, and the marker barrel is entirely black, and usually dry erase markers have white barrels, you know? But in second grade during my teacher conference Miss Rutch told my parents that I was the best student in the universe (which is what I had expected her to say), except that I corrected her in front of the class too much (which is something that took me by surprise). So I didn't say anything, and he covered the board with his little electric diagram, and sure enough, when he went to wipe it off, he realized that he had used a permanent marker.

Luckily, Dave went into the closet of this room and rummaged around and found some board-cleaning stuff, and he and Jim worked at the board until it came clean. So no big whoop.

Moral of the story: engineers are excellent problem solvers, which is a good thing, because we're also very absent-minded and retarded a lot of the time.

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