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Yesterday it was raining and there wasn't much to do, so we went to see the movie Osmosis Jones. The animation was really neat and the concept of the cells of a body acting like a city was really interesting and well-done, but the story wasn't clever at all, which I had hoped it would be. Also pretty much everything that happened was really gross, and I tried not to think about it, but, you know, pee is pee and tsunamis of snot are tsunamis of snot, even in cartoon form.

But the very cool thing about seeing that movie was that it was preceded by a trailer for the first Harry Potter movie, and hoo boy, does it look good. Somebody was paying attention when they made this movie. In the beginning they showed how the first-years get to the school the first night, you know, in the boats across the lake? The castle's lights reflecting in the lake and the lanterns in the boats, and Hagrid -- man, it all looked EXACTLY how it looks in my head, and you KNOW that never happens. Every scene they showed looked sweet, and the actors all looked how they should look. Harry looks just perfect, and they got that British guy -- the one who played Metatron in Dogma and the alien actor guy in that Tim Allen/Sigourney Weaver/Star Trekish movie that's been on HBO recently, ooh, I remember now, GalaxyQuest -- to play the bad guy, is that Snape in the first book? And he's absofreakinglutely perfect.

I'm sure I'm just setting myself up for disappointment, but those books are so much damn fun to read, and you always get nervous when you hear that they're going to make a movie of a book you enjoy, and I was pretty sure they'd butcher these, but . . . but it looks to potentially be an excellent, faithful-to-the-books series, and that makes me happy.

Oh, and the snitch is really phat, too.

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