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On Friday August 30th, I held a celebratory Jazz & Pasta at my home so that my friends and I might honor my unemployment. I prepared two kinds of sauces, and the Sütter Home sauce was neglected a bit, and the bottom burned somewhat. No biggie, the rest of the sauce was okay, I think (I'm not sure, I had the other one).

Well, my garbage disposal clogged up at the party or shortly after, so I didn't get a chance to soak the pot until a few days later. It's a Visions saucepan, one of those glass ones. After it had been soaking for about a week or two, I set to it. I worked my little arm off, scrubbing and scrubbing, srcrub scrub scrubbing, scrubby scrubby scrub. I got all that was going to be gotten, and let it sit again. Every few days I'd dump out the water and put new in, with detergent. Today I decided to scrub the last bit out. I scrubbed and scrubbed with my less-than-optimal scrubby sponge. Halfway through I paused and (not for the first time) contemplated just tossing the damn thing. I inherited it from one of my roommates (I know not which), and it's one of those pots that isn't really clean anymore, stains have been cooked on. And I have another largish saucepan which I usually use first, but I thought, this is the only glass one I have, it's nice to have two largish saucepans, and I'm almost done anyway. So I scrubbed and I scrubbed, and I washed the rest of the pot clean, and then, and THEN, when just one or two leetle black spots of burnt-on sauce remained: it slipped out of my hands and crashed into the sink, breaking into four large pyrex shards.

GOOD, I didn't want to keep the damn thing anyway.

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