Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Conspiracy Theory

I got a big scare yesterday.

In the morning at around 10 or so, I had a program installed on my computer by Enrique, the guy across the aisle from me. It took a while, and we chatted while he did it; then he gave me a quick overview of how to use it. By the time he was done, 30, maybe 45 minutes had gone by. I reopened everything I needed to, and went to check my (personal) email. However, I got a 404 message when I tried to get to the site. So instead I tried to go to LiveJournal: no dice. Now, stuff like this happens every once in a while, so I wasn't too worried yet. On impulse I tried yahoo -- and yahoo worked. Curious. I tried most of my bookmarks, and most gave me a 404 message. So I went back to yahoo to see if it was just in my "cache" or whatever it's called, or if I was really looking at yahoo, and did a search, and the search worked. Uh oh.

After trying a bunch of different sites, I came to a conclusion: They had shut me down. Whoever They are. I'm on the interenet at work fucking around a LOT more than I should, but that's because they don't have enough work for me to do. And Dave, my kind-of-boss, is always catching me and saying "that doesn't look like engineering" which 1) isn't any funnier the fifth time one says it and 2) makes him sound like he's my mom or something. But he never said a word to me about being on the internet too much, and I'm not missing deadlines or anything. So when I was suddenly denied access to my email, my journal, and everything else that manages to make this job bearable, I was QUITE unhappy.

Disheartened, I morosely sent some mail from my previously-unused yahoo account, set up yahoo messenger, etc. Now sure that someone, somewhere, was watching me. Who had done it? How did they decide which sites not to let me see? Why hadn't anyone said anything first, before they just went and punished me? The one good thing, I reasoned, was that they hadn't just fired me instead.

Shortly before I was to leave, I tried once more to get to the traffic map so that I could check that there were no accidents on my way home. And it worked, where it hadn't before. So I tried my email. Eureka! Everything was working again. No problems. Life was good.

So what happened? I have no idea. I don't really know much about computers, in terms of how they work and stuff. I don't know if it was just a glitch that everybody was experiencing, or what exactly determined whether or not a particluar website was accessible to me. Maybe it was a warning; maybe someone is monitoring me right now. I mean, I know they can, I just figured that it's such a large and inefficient company, that no one would notice me and my surfing habits. Maybe Dave put them on to me. Who knows.

Moral of the story: there is none. I'm still fucking around on the internet a LOT more than I should.

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