Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Doctor says I need a backiotomy

My lower back hurts. I'm not sure what from, but I believe it may be related to all the driving I've been doing lately. Tuesday I drove to and from Ralph's house in Lower Bank, which is in the middle of the Pine Barrens. I saw the Leeds house! Don't let anyone tell you different. Then on Wednesday I drove Jeff to and from his bank which is a million miles away. Then I drove up to Rutgers to see Jeff's brother Chris, and Ill and Mambo. Chris is in the dorm I was in freshman year. It looks a lot different now, new cosmetic touches (and a network: man, when I was a freshman, the internet hadn't even been INVENTED yet!): but someone was burning vanilla incense just like Greg Heudorfer used to, so it smelled the same.

Thursday I got sammiches at the grease trucks for Neil and myself and got us each a Fat Darrell (they're still only $4! Same as when I was in school! Sweet.) and drove home.

Friday Mitch and I went down to Baltimore to see an Orioles game, to see Cal Ripken play. The stadium was beautiful, so much brick. The game wasn't too exciting; stuff only really happened in one inning, and we weren't really paying attention then because we were walking around, checking out the ballpark. And Baltimore right outside Camden Yards isn't too nice; BUT, a man did come up to us, to tell us that Mitch's wife's [sic] hair was "awesome". I drove home from Baltimore, and that's when my back really started to hurt.

It was getting a little better today, but then I pulled it again leaning over. I realized that I do a lot of fun things that involve leaning over: like putting my pants on, getting up out of a couch, etc. Having a hurty lower back makes those things painful.

And tomorrow I'm driving round trip to Michelle's house in Long Branch. At least I feel a little better about NOT going on a road trip right now. Though I am jealous as hell. (My hair was purple and blue first, though, so neh.)

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