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John and John and the Band of Dans

Friday Jeff and I went to see They Might Be Giants at the Electric Factory. I was going to wear my Halloween costume, but then I chickened out and I'm glad I did, because there wasn't a single other person in costume. I guess the weekend after Halloween just doesn't count.

The drinks were absurdly expensive. The cheapest beer was like $3.75, and they didn't have well drinks, just call brands. I asked for a bourbon and coke and the barmaid said "is Jack Daniels okay?" and I said "do you have Jim Beam" and she squinched up her face apologetically and said "no" so I said all right. Man, I had only two drinks -- I was driving (duh) (and they were also five-freaking-twenty-five) -- and I had a freaking headache all Saturday morning. Balls on Jack Daniels, he's a headache-givin' punk.

I don't know who the opening-opening act was, if there was one, because we missed them (thank goodness). But the opening act was Afroman, of whom I thought I hadn't heard, until as their last song they played that getting high song from Jay & Silent Bob, at which point I remembered that they were the band that does that getting high song from Jay & Silent Bob. Which was all right, but before that they played other songs, two of which were tres phat and enjoyed immensely by me.

The first was this one where the lead vocalist/singer/rapper guy rapped REALLY fast, like that Young MC song except faster, with more varied lines, and way, way longer. I was muy impressed. Then later the DJ had two turntables of "It Takes Two", and he mixed them together. Now I know you're thinking "eh, decent song but OLD and I've heard it a billion times", but he wikkah-wikkahed them together so expertly, I was REALLY impressed. He did it from one part of the song, and then stopped, and Afroman gave him props, and then he did more from a different part of the song, and I was impressed yet again. And I don't really know anything about DJing.

So at the break between Afroman and They Might Be Giants, I was looking around and lo and behold, there was the Afroman DJ, right by the bar a few feet away! I poked Jeff and said, "is that him, is that the DJ guy?" and he said "it sure is" and I said "you should go tell him how awesome he was!" and Jeff said "YOU should go tell him how awesome he was!" so I did, I shook his hand and everything.

They Might Be Giants were . . . good. I mean, a good time was had by all, never a bad show to be sure, but . . . man, they play the same songs every concert. I mean, they're good songs, by and large, but still. I thought we were going to get out without having to listen to "Particle Man", but bam, there it was in the second encore. From the new album they played "Bangs", which was nice, and "Older", which shouldn't count, and "I've Got A Fang" and "Drink!", both of which I've heard before. And the new version of "It's So Loud", so that was kind of new and very wonderful, it being my almost-current favorite song.

I yelled "She Was A Hotel Detective"! like I always do, and Jeff yelled "check it out, Toddla Highway!" like he always does, but they didn't listen, like they never do. So I switched to "Wicked Little Critta!" because I thought I'd have more luck, but alas.

I told Jeff that if they played "She Thinks She's Edith Head" I'd walk. John's lucky he didn't. I mean, if I'm tired of listening to "She's An Angel" -- which was my favorite song at one time -- shouldn't they be tired of playing it? They have so many songs, so many new songs . . . but hey, they can play whatever the hell they want, I'll keep coming back for more.

Oh, they did do "Shoehorn With Teeth", though, which I haven't heard in a while, so that was sweet.

And despite all my complaints, they're still the best show to see. Amazing musicians, amazing performers. Worth the $27.25, though how Ticketmaster can add a $7.25 service charge onto a $20 ticket, I'll never understand. Long live John and John and the Band of Dans.

OH, AND ONE MORE THING: Jeff claims to have seen C. Everett Koop while we were wandering the streets of Philadelphia (I got us a little lost), but I think he's just trying to sound big because I spotted John Cusack and Jeremy Piven before he did.

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