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On Saturday I watched a lot of Dragonball Z and played a lot of MegaMan 8 (almost infinitely frustrating, btw), so that night/Sunday morning I had a really interesting dream. It was one of those ones where you're on a mission, do you get those? A lot of my dreams are like that, because being on a mission is a lot more interesting than just living. Anyhow, this time a lot of people were on the mission with me, the usual group, Neil, Culann, Michelle, Gina, etc. Probably everyone was there at some point in the dream. We were running around these stone tunnels, and these HUUUGE stone balls, about 20 feet or so in diameter, would roll through the tunnels and we had to avoid them on the way to our goal. We all were wearing blue jumpsuits like MegaMan, and the balls had a stripe around them like the MegaBalls. I was kind of leading the mission, I knew what I was doing more than anyone else. At the end we came into this huge stone cavern. It was like 300 yards long perhaps (I'm terrible at estimating distances) and at least 200 feet high. It must have been under a mountain. The ridiculous dimensions reminded me of something from Dune (the books, not the movie(s)).

Okay, I know that wasn't that interesting. But last night/this morning I had a dream that we were in an old house that had been made into a haunted house, and we were on some sort of mission there, too. The mission had been created by the people who run the crazy house that Gina and Dave work at, to entertain the "clients". I remember thinking that, given how scary the whole thing was to me, and what a difficult time I was having, it didn't seem like a fun thing to subject the clients to.

At one point, Culann and Kelly and I made it to this ceiling in one of the rooms. There were strips of scary gauzy curtains all over the place, and the only light was from candles, so you couldn't see very well. We were all sitting on this pipe or beam or something, and holding on, only the ground was parallel to our backs, not our thighs, but it wasn't that obvious, and I kept having to look at how Kelly's hair was hanging to reassure myself of that fact. We were waiting for something, like one of the clients to catch up maybe, when suddenly my beam collapsed and I fell, through the floor of two or three more stories, because the house was so old and crumbly. And it was scary down there because I was alone and there were things trying to get me, but I made it back up all right.

Sorry, that wasn't that interesting either. Well, on Saturday I took a nap and had possibly three (3) Big O's, but I didn't wake up for any of them. Shucks.

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    Today is Thursday. Settlement on the sale of our house is Tuesday. I took the dog for a walk today, and I started to get a little emotional.

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