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Don't cross the street in the middle in the middle in the middle in the middle in the middle of the block

Friday Mitchell and my brother and I went to see They Might Be Giants in New York.

I was supposed to leave work early, but I got stuck on the Black Horse Pike during rush hour (rush hour starts at 2 on Fridays, apparently) which is torture. I got home later than intended, then had to get a shower, but we still got to my parents' house on time. I drove into New York, only I wasn't quite prepared enough, and we were headed into the Bronx before I knew enough (by which I mean "called my dad") to turn around. We found the place all right though, and parked in the correct garage (which didn't matter, since I forgot to get my parking validated) and were in the place by 8:30. We completely skipped out on the opening band.

So the show was good. I think they give better shows when they're in New York, actually; they're more enthusiastic because they're home, maybe. We were third-row center in the balcony; it was nice to be able to sit through a They concert. I took notes, like stuff I thought was cool, and the set list and whatnot. They played the same songs again, but hey, whatever. And then M. Doughty came out, and they did "Mr. Xcitement", and "Your Mom's Alright", and "Mr. Bitterness"! Ha! Naw, they didn't really. Doughty was nowhere to be found. I guess I didn't wish hard enough. But Flansy's wifey was there so they did "Dr. Evil" and "In the Middle" (the traffic light song), and they mentioned No! and said that they really actually would release it someday, so that was nice, because I haven't heard anything about that in maybe a year. Also they had three brassy guys there, including the trumpet dude who one time almost talked to me because he thought I was someone he knew, only I wasn't, so he didn't so much.

I got to drive through Times Square! I've been there plenty of times (though not so much now that Rudy got rid of all the peep shows, har, har), but I've never driven through it before: it's so bright! When I was younger I used to say that I would die before I drove in a major city, but I don't know, it makes me feel old and smart and savvy when I switch lanes all quick and ninja-style.

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