Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Things that are wonderful

Here are some reasons why coming to work today was a joy. Besides knowing that almost no one would be here.

1) It only took 20 minutes to drive in! It usually takes at least 45. I was flyin', man.

2) Louis Prima was in the singing to me me the whole way in.

3) On Route 42 with me this morning was a great big shiny new dumptruck. The hubcaps were shiny shiny chrome, the tires were black (instead of brown from dirt) and the truck was a shiny shiny black. It made me think that the driver was probably excited to be driving the shiny new truck. It made me think that if I were either the driver, or the owner of the company, I would be SO happy to have the new truck. I would put my hand on the side of it and feel how cold and smooth is. If no one was looking, I might even kiss it. It probably cost a lot of money, and if the company isn't some huge conglomerate that buys ten dump trucks at once, then people were probably really excited about it. And I would be eager and hesitant, all at once, to get it really dirty for the first time.

3) This morning is is cool and overcast, but humid. I know humidity always gets a bad rap, and I guess I hate it when it's humid in mid-June, but when the weather is cool and humid, I like that. Like summer nights, when the sun isn't keeping things warm, but the humidity is. Nothing else feels like that. And I love the sun, I think that most people aren't out in it enough -- but in the mornings on the drive to work, it's nice for it not to be in my izzeyes.

4) I got a parking space in the teeny little parking lot in which no one EVER gets a spot.

5) They're doing construction out in front of the station, and they were using a jackhammer this morning. I like the sound of jackhammers, when they're not close enough that they hurt my ears. They remind me of two summers ago, when I was working as an inspector on a project locating underground utilities. The foreman would jackhammer a hole in the asphalt, and then suck out the soil with what was essentially a huge vacuum. I liked him a lot. He said that I would get a Harley someday. I can't remember what model he thought I would like, but I do remember he said it would be electric purple (my favorite color! how did he know?) and have saddlebags. And he said I would have a sticker on my helmet that said "It's A Beautiful Day. Now Watch Some Asshole Fuck It Up". A week into the project, he bought me just such a sticker. I put it on my metal clipboard, but on the inside, so that I would still seem at least somewhat professional.

Of course there a million reasons why it is wonderful to be alive, but these were a few which specifically came to mind this morning. Have a great weekend.

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