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Ivan's Secret Recipe

So this morning I accidentally threw an "An Oriental Delight" tea bag into my travel mug instead of good ol' Tetley, and didn't notice until too late. I got it with Chinese food some time ago, I guess. I don't dislike Chinese tea -- I guess it's green or something -- it just doesn't go well with my bagel. Or the milk I put in it. Or morning, if you want to be frank.

Hey, I used to work for a Chinese restaurant. I was a delivery person, for three or four years. The delivery person was always the only white guy working. There are a lot of interesting things that I took away from that job, but today I'm going to tell you about Bubble Tea.

The name of the restaurant was officially Ivangie Tea House, and they had a whole wall of interesting teas, but there was never a lot of interest in that. But the specialty of the place was Bubble Tea, which is a cold drink that comes in many flavors. Here's how to make it:

First you take a martini shaker and pour a measure of sugar water and a measure of syrup into it. The syrup is cooking syrup, or something . . . all different flavors like mango and kiwi and passion fruit, which were my favorites. Or they would use jam for strawberry or raspberry, or just orange juice or pinapple juice or coconut juice. Then you fill the shaker with ice. Then you go to the Tea Machine, which is a big huge tea dispenser: black on the left, green on the right, hot water in the middle. You fill the shaker with the desired tea; you can choose either one, though some combinations work better than others. Then you cap the martini shaker and shake vigorously until the ice cubes don't make so much noise; this means they've melted to an appropriate size. Then you take the top off the shaker and pour it in a glass, with a flourish: moving the shaker up and down, to create more bubbles. Pour about 3/4 of the shaker in, then remove the strainer and pour in the ice. Add a straw with a little bit of paper left on the end, and serve.

Oh man is bubble tea delicious. I guess it's just iced tea, but it's so fruity and sweet and wonderful. And, unfortunately, very difficult to make at home. I mean I guess it's possible, but it would take a whole lot of prep time for one little glass. And you'd have to find that cooking syrup somewhere. So I haven't had bubble tea for a long while, but now that I'm thinking about it, I think I'll stop by Ivangie's this weekend while I'm home for the holiday. Mmm.

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