Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

LiveJournal Information Day Part I

Okay, today is LiveJournal Information Day. Sez me.

As our first topic, we're going to discuss the LiveJournal Client.

If you're still updating from the web, you're a fool. Don't give me that "but I'm at work!" crap. Be a man. The client is superior for millions of reasons. Here are a couple:

1) Prettier. (Again, I hate fixed-widths fonts! Ack! Ugly!)
2) You can make it a tiny little window on your computer, which is less conspicuous than having the whole Explorer window open
3) You can edit entries very easily. Like, if you fucked up, you can edit it in the client while your page is still open, and just Refresh to see if your edits worked correctly
4) When LJ is acting up, you can oftentimes still post
5) You can look around for addresses of witty links without having more than one window of IE open
6) There are probably loads of other features of which I don't take advantage
7) It organizes your friends/friends of situation well, which I just think is kind of interesting
8) Prettier

If you have Windows, you can just download the Windows client. Easy. But what you could INSTEAD do is download the phatty phat phat version that some Russian genius named Sema has developed. You can get the latest version at his client journal, ljwin32_sema. It has all sorts of neato features like how the pencil flashes red when your friends page is updated. And you can mess around with all sorts of stuff right in the client, which is a whole lot faster than moving from web page to web page.

One of the things you can mess with in the client is your Friends Groups. You can do this through the web, too (that's what the "..." link after Friends is), but it's hella easier with the client. Friends Groups are great. You can make as many groups as you want, and put your various Friends in various groups. Like, remember how we were talking about having an "Enemies" list? You could add all of your enemies (like that zxmoidal guy from way back) as friends, then put them all in one Friends Group, and all your REAL friends in another friends group. Then click on the "..." link next to Friends, and filter your Friends page as you wish.

This is also useful for specifying the privacy of certain entries. Like, say you're having issues with some friends at home, and you want to get your Internet Buddies' opinion on it, but you don't want your real-life friends to know that you're spreading dirt all over the Interweb. Make a Friends group for Itnernet-only friends, and then mark your post's security level as Internet-Friends Only. Easy.

Wasn't that fun? Join us next time when we'll discuss the Topic Directory.

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